Ziindi Artist Jeff Slim @ Songbird Coffee House – PHX

Come see Ziindi Artist Jeff Slim’s new work!

Had a preview today – Beautiful bold colors and portraits, perfect size for gifts this season !


From Jeff:

“Erin and Jonathan of Song Bird Coffee & Tea House have graciously allowed me to show my paintings and stencils in their coffee house.

On December 21st, the Third Friday of this month will be a gathering of spectators amongst costumers to view the art that is decorating currently Song Bird. The new works will be on display throughout the month of December.

They are a series of spray paint & acrylic paintings on paper along with framed stencils. All my work is for sale.

Song Bird is located east of 2nd St. on Roosevelt in Phoenix. It’s within the MonOchrid building.

The event is set to take place within 3pm to 7pm. Hope to you see you there…”


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