“The Space Between Two Worlds” – New Works by Jeff Slim @ 1Spot Gallery

1Spot Gallery & Ziindi: Indigenous Art Zine proudly present

Works by Jeff Slim

_”The Space Between Two Worlds”_



“The Space Between Two Worlds exists within stories and memory….Creating color where there was none in one world and bringing to life reminiscences in another.”


_Opening Reception:

First Friday

April 5th, 2013

6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


_Closing Reception:

** Celebrating Jeff’s Birthday!! **

Third Friday

April 19th, 2013

6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


* Private Tours Available by Appointment *



_ DJ Set by Nube

_ light refreshments by Sana Pueblo Food Creations

* Join us for a special closing reception

as we celebrate Jeff Slim’s Birthday on April 19th! *



_About the Artist:

Jeff Slim is a Diné artist from Black Mountain, Arizona; located on the Navajo Reservation.

While working with the Black Sheep Art Collective he was able to help brighten up communities by means of mural workshops. Beyond the Collective he supports a variety of nonprofit organizations and causes by contributing his artistic abilities and time.

_Series Description:

The Space Between Two Worlds exists within stories and memory. Through this series of paintings I am exploring the worlds of Bíla’ ashdla’ (“five fingered people”) and Áltsé deests’á (“the first one that died”); the third and fourth world that each respectively occupies.

Creating color where there was none in one world and bringing to life reminiscences in another. Using the paintings as a vessel to explore my own cultural stories as well as personal history, I invite viewers to interpret the paintings through their own perspectives.

_Artist Statement:

Influential elements of one’s life are constantly changing and evolving into something beautiful or gruesome.  It’s within these shifts I find myself utilizing various mediums of art to convey these spellbound moments. It is a collection of sentimental memories of stories I have read, heard and experienced that are eventually transpired into my work. A continuous exploration of ways to communicate and connect with my surroundings.


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