Summer time in Phoenix

The summer weather is upon us in Phoenix, and here at Ziindi, we’re spending a lot of time inside planning for the fall and winter seasons.  1Spot gallery is also on a little hiatus during this time and is devoted to showcasing Damian Jim‘s work currently.  The Indigogo campaign was a success and we succeeded in our fund raising goals.  We’re also proud to announce that a few artists who have been showcased in Ziindi before will be appearing in a new article.

Damian Jim has always utilized various media for his work, and recently he has been creating a lot of work via his iPad.  From floating toothy orbs to swirling hypnotic colors, he creates an alternate digital reality where color moves to a different beat.  The gallery is also showcasing painted works from past shows as well as new paintings that show his versatility with different mediums.  Damian’s work will be showcased from June 7th to August 2nd.  For more information on Damian Jim, visit his website at:

The Indigogo campaign was a success and with everyone’s contribution, our first wall mural artist, Jaque Fragua, created a stunning mural that is now splashed on the wall next to 1Spot Gallery.  We are humbled and blessed to receive the public’s support in bringing more Indigenous perspectives to the Phoenix art scene.  We would also like to thank Margaret Gabaldon, without whom this project would not have succeeded.  Margaret’s collaboration with 1Spot Gallery and Ziindi allowed for the success of this project.  Now that we have the first mural completed, we’re looking forward to showcasing the next mural project.  The Phoenix Youth Hostel and Cultural Center also helped in advertising the new mural with a mural tour that allowed Jaque to speak about his piece.  This unique collaboration inspired the Downtown Devil, an online publication for downtown ASU students, to write an accompanying article as well.

Mural progress and the completed mural

New collaboration will raise awareness of indigenous art through murals

Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine will feature several artists that have shown their work in previous issues of Ziindi.  The July issue will feature Bahe Whitethorne Jr, Charmaine Xiana Clitso, Damian Jim, Nani Chacon, and Ryan Singer.  These Flagstaff affiliated artists are part of the next generation of contemporary Native artists and we’re very excited to see them in this article.

1Spot Gallery is still open during the summer and by appointment, if you would like to reserve a viewing day, please contact Michelle @ 602 281-0697, or by email:  We have some exciting shows coming up in the fall, and a couple Ziindi events that we will post the details on when the details are solidified.  Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!!


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