The Market Experience


Ziindi zine spent the weekend in Santa Fe for the Indian market weekend, and we had a blast checking out the art, the local scenery, and all the green chili we could handle! We wanted to thank the good people of Santa Fe for being so accommodating and friendly and the fine weather that mother nature provided!

We arrived early Monday morning in Santa Fe at our rented house, and quickly got comfortable in anticipation for the week ahead of us. The rented house was exactly what we needed in terms of privacy and a place to decompress between events. We even managed to squeeze in a little work, starting with an impromptu photo shoot with the Rez Deep t-shirt line we produced.

After all the hilarity and silliness with the self promo shots, we wanted to check out the Wheelwright museum’s exhibit. I had read the books about the friendship that Mary Wheelwright had with Hosteen Klah, and how they had tirelessly worked together to produce a record of the chant ways that Hosteen Klah practiced.

The original exhibition included original sandpainting rugs, but we had the pleasure of experiencing original Chief phase rugs, as well as a few Pueblo Mantas. The traditionally designed rugs were worn as blankets and the amount of detail shown in these legacy pieces amazed us. The current exhibition also featured amazing beadwork by Orlando Dugi and Kenneth Williams that went above and beyond typical beadwork.

By Wednesday we were in full swing and we swung by the opening show at Blue Rain Gallery, Jeff Slim did not disappoint with his series of work, Breeze’s art was well represented with the record paintings he produced, and Cannupa Hanska Luger’s sculptures finished off the evening nicely. We also checked out the SWAIA event at the Santa Fe Hilton and rubbed elbows with the art elite, and participating market members.

We spent Thursday morning touring the IAIA campus and checking out all the amazing tools available to the students, and after a nice lunch we adjourned to the Winterrowd gallery for Contemporary Native Art Magazine’s release party, where we saw Kathy Whitman-Elk Woman’s fantastic sculptures. A new weaving by Melissa Cody provide a nice punctuation mark to the evening.

On Friday we attended the Presence 4.0 social event and met many great people who were stylish and hip. After a few snacks and hanging out with friends we managed to catch the Winterrowd gallery opening event.

We hit our stride on Saturday, and managed to check out a few booths at Indian Market. After which we participated in the Stripes Magazine launch party at the Agave Lounge. The hotel staff and managers were very attentive and the event was a huge success! We conversed and danced the night away and left with plenty of good memories.


By Sunday, we were tired and happy, but we knew we would be coming back to Santa Fe to enjoy more market events. Our drive back was highlighted by impressive cloud formations that teased us with sprinkles, and eventually receded into muggy weather as we arrived back in Phoenix.

Overall the trip was excellent and we wanted to thank everyone for the great time; Isreal Shortman, Jaque Fragua, Jeremy Arviso, Daniel San, Katja Lehmann, Silvester Hustito, Presence 4.0, Jaclyn Roessel, Andrea Preston, Nanibaa Beck, Kate Crowley, Nani Chacon, Jeremy/Jerrel/Judy Singers, Patrick Hubbell, Jules Badoni, Ave Chee, Jonathan Nelson, Cloudface, Randy Boogie, Douglas Miles, Grace Miles, Tom Greyeyes, Breeze, Clarenda Begay, Bahe Whitethorne Jr., Jacob Meders, Chelsea Chee, Nia MacKnight, Charvel Baldwin, and Yatika Fields.



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