Sneak Peak, Opening Reception: The Journey Of Two Swords & Lotus :: Celebrating Damian Jim’s BDAY

.:: BIG THANKS! ::.

to all the wonderful folks who made their way to our gallery last FIRST FRIDAY for the sneak peak of:






.:: JOIN US! ::.

Opening Reception 
& Damian Jim’s BDAY SHINDIG’
Celebrate with the 1Spot Crew :: Music :: Food

MAY 16
8PM – 11PM

Music by: the prolific DJ BYRON FENIX


“Byron Fenix, senior producer and host of the weekly radio program Soul Deluxe, as well as a resident DJ at SoChu House in Phoenix, Arizona, is not your average mix DJ.  “I started collecting music by recording it on a cassette player,” he laments.  A native of Phoenix, Byron is soul music’s most unlikely ambassador.  Born to a Navajo father, and a half Hopi, half Navajo mother, he learned early on to appreciate diversity, not just in the music he collected, but in his everyday life as well.”

Facebook Event & RSVP: SHINDIG’

918 N 6th St, Rear
Phoenix, AZ 85004





Photos from last FIRST FRIDAY’s Sneak Peak:


FirstFriday1 FirstFriday2 FirstFriday3 FirstFriday4


The Journey Of Two Swords & Lotus:

The Art of Damian Jim

.:: Viewings available by appointment and open hours below  ::.

Show Catalog: Two Swords & Lotus

Damian Jim brings to life his retelling of a Hero archetype envisioned by every culture around the World.  

In all of these classic tales, the heroes must take a mystical journey that imbues them with power to overcome the forces they face.  A magical talisman, or arcane knowledge is gained, the protagonists become a force for good and with every battle a decisive victory is won. Undefeated the Heroes return and provide for their kin.




Contact Michelle at  602-281-0697

.:: May 2014 ::.
First Friday, May 2
6 – 10pm
Third Friday, May 16 
*Opening Reception/BDay Shindig’*
8 – 11pm :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


.:: June 2014 ::.
First Friday, June 6
6 – 10pm
Third Friday, June 20
*Closing Reception*
6 – 10pm



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