Ziindi Vol 1.2 : A Contemporary Native Female Arts Showcase

Vol 1.2 : A Contemporary Native Female Arts Showcase, features the following artists.
Charvel Baldwin, Lyncia Begay, Nani Chacon, Xiana A. Clitso, Carrie R. -Curley, Shamie Encinas, Estelle S. Pete, LaKota Scott, Roshan Spottsville, and Eunique Yazzie.


Navajo Nation Museum & Ziindi presents: A Contemporary Native Female Arts Showcase

You are cordially invited to join us in celebrating the opening of Ziindi’s new exhibit in Window Rock, Arizona:


Navajo Nation Museum & Ziindi.com presents:

Ch’ikééh Baa Hózhó –

A Contemporary Native Female Arts Showcase

Featuring works by:

Jeri Arviso – Charvel Baldwin – Lyncia Begay –

Nani Chacon – Xiana A. Clitso – Melissa Cody –

Carrie R. Curley – Shamie Encinas – Estelle S. Pete –

Lakota Scott – Roshan Spottsville – Eunique Yazzie –

Jolene Yazzie – Melanie Yazzie – Venaya Yazzie

** Celebrating the release of Ziindi: Indigenous Art Zine’s newest edition **

Showcasing Indigenous Female Artists from tribes throughout the Southwest region.

Join us for this historical event!


Navajo Nation Museum
Arizona 264
Window Rock, AZ 86515


Friday, February 15th, 2013

Reception: 4-5pm
Artist Market & Performances: 6-8pm
Live Music & Dance: 8-11pm

Refreshments and copies of Ziindi: Vol. 2.1 will be available

Facebook event: Ch’ikééh Baa Hózhó



Founded in 2011 by artists Michelle Ponce and Damian Jim, Ziindi is an independent publication based out of Phoenix, Arizona featuring modern indigenous art.  Its mission is to inspire the next generation of artists through arts education.  By supporting and creating projects that showcase the distinctive perspective of modern indigenous artists, Ziindi strengthens the connections between artists and their communities.

Volume 1.2: A Contemporary Female Arts Showcase is a collection of works by talented artists from the Southwest region.  Celebrating the delicate balance between traditional and modern life: an exquisite and sometimes harsh manifestation of their experience.  From a photographic portrait of a sacred celebration, to a sobering visual commentary on the challenging aspects of modern life, the images in this edition are a way to explore the modern indigenous experience.

This showcase is made possible by the artists who dared to share their world, by the instrumental collaboration of the Navajo Nation Museum and Ziindi, and by you, our community.  Thank you for supporting artists of different genres in your community.


For media requests contact: Michelle I. Ponce – 602-281-0697  –  michelle@ziindi.com

To have a copy of Ziindi: Vol. 2.1: Contemporary Native Female Arts Showcase sent via mail,
click on Ziindi.com, scroll to bottom and make donation through Paypal.

Copies of the zine are available free of charge and in larger quantities for educational purposes, art classes, youth at recreation centers, and youth art workshops.
Contact:  Michelle I. Ponce – 602-281-0697  –  michelle@ziindi.com

“Shu Sho” continues @ 1Spot Gallery: this First Friday, Feb 1st!

Join Ziindi at 1Spot Gallery this First Friday, February 1st from 6:00pm – 10:00pm –

As we showcase the fabulous, specially designed, one-of-a-kind heels and kicks by artists:

~ Shamie Encinas


~ Jeff Slim

~ Eunique Yazzie

~ Damian Jim

Also new works by Damian Jim will be on display/for sale!

Check out more info: facebook.com/ZiindiGallery


Ziindi’s gallery 1Spot – Grand Opening: A Great Success!

We extend a heartfelt THANK YOU!

To the community of Phoenix and beyond for attending our grand opening celebration at 1Spot Gallery.

To the incredibly talented native artists that designed shoes, made live art, and came to support the show – thank you!

You are the reason we do what we do.


Over 200 art lovers came through our doors last third Friday, January 18th.

We were joined by neighboring Drive-Thru Gallery’s Phoenix New Times show “Manifesto” which featured posters by local designers featuring one item from locals manifestos.
Check out photos here: New Times Manifestos

Big Thank You to:

– Eunique Yazzie, Jeff Slim, Shamie Encinas, and Damian Jim for the phenomenal designs on the shoes!

– Thomas Greyeyes, Bahe Whitethorne Jr, Jerrel Singer, Jeremy Singer, Jackie Q, for your beautiful live art!

– Special thanks to guests Baje Whitethorn Sr & Breeze who came got down on a little live art on Tom’s piece!

– and Byron Fenix for the great music all night – you are always on point!!

Check out photos of our opening here: 1Spot Grand Opening

Tomorrow – Join us for the Grand Opening of 1Spot Gallery in Phoenix – Ziindi’s new home!

Tomorrow is a big day for us.

1Spot Gallery will have its official Grand Opening, celebrating Ziindi’s new home at the Roosevelt Row Arts District.

With the participation of leading contemporary Native artists from the region, including live art by:

Bahe Whitethorne Jr

Thomas Greyeyes

Jerrel Singer

Jeremy Singer

– Jackie Q.

Specially-designed shoes and heels by artists:

Shamie Encinas

Eunique Yazzie

Jeff Slim

Damian Jim

Music by legendary DJ Byron Fenix

(Soul Deluxe ->www.radiophoenix.org)

Food by Sana Pueblo Food Creations


1Spot Gallery

918 North 6th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006


Third Friday, January 18th, 2013

7:00pm – 10:00pm

Check out building here:




Thank you for all your support of Ziindi’s mission and work.  We are honored to promote and showcase contemporary Native artists.

Join us for this momentous event!



1Spot Gallery is the ONLY Spot
dedicated to showcasing phenomenal
modern Indigenous art
from artists throughout the Southwest!

Grand Opening Flier

Weaving a Revolution: Damian Jim at the Natural History Museum of Utah


Congratulations to Ziindi Artist Damian Jim!

Featured in a special exhibit opening tomorrow at the Natural History Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City:


Weaving a Revolution:

a celebration of contemporary Navajo baskets



This special exhibition, developed by the Natural History Museum of Utah, showcases 150 contemporary Navajo baskets and tells the story of the people who made them and created a new art form in the process.

These baskets were made over a 30-year period by weavers from five families living in Navajo lands within Utah.  The exhibit vividly portrays the way a group of traditional weavers, a young designer using computer graphics, and a family of trading post proprietors came together to create dramatic, bold, and colorful Navajo baskets.


  • Opening Saturday, January 12, 2013, in the Museum’s Special Exhibits Gallery
  • On exhibit through Sunday, April 28
  • Included with regular Museum admission

Presenting Partner: Zions Bank

You’re Invited: 1Spot Gallery Grand Opening & “Shu Sho”

Join us for the official Grand Opening Celebration & “Shu Sho” of our gallery!

You are invited to share Music, Live Art, and Food!


With music by legendary local DJ:

Byron Fenix


“Shu Sho”!

Featuring fabulous shoes and kicks specially designed by Ziindi Artists:


Shamie Encinas

Jeff Slim

Eunique Yazzie

Damian Jim

– and more!



Live Art By:


Thomas Greyeyes

Jeremy Singer

Jerrel Singer

Bahe Whitethorne Jr.

– Jackie Q. –


Food By:

Sana Pueblo Food Creations


Grand Opening Flier

RSVP Here:



Join us in welcoming 1Spot Gallery to the vibrant Roosevelt Row Arts District!

1Spot Gallery is the ONLY Spot

dedicated to showcasing phenomenal modern Indigenous art

from artists throughout the Southwest!



Third Friday, January 18th, 2013

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm



1Spot Gallery

918 North 6th Street

Phoenix, AZ

Enter from alley across from The Lab on Roosevelt,
at the big Roosevelt Row map mural.

Check out building here:



Michelle I. Ponce




Come bless the space with your energy for the year to come of great Indigenous art…



Ziindi’s 1Spot Gallery – First Friday of 2013

First Friday of 2013: Ziindi’s 1Spot Gallery

Warm welcome from Roosevelt Row!

Thanks to all the good friends, new friends, and art lovers who came by our 1Spot Gallery last Friday.

We featured the art of Damian Jim.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive from over 100 viewers that passed by throughout the evening.

Check out photos of the night here:    facebook.com/ZiindiGallery


Join us for the Grand Opening Celebration and “Shu Sho”!

Next Third Friday, January 18th, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

More info here:  facebook.com/ziindigallery/ShuSho



Ziindi’s New Gallery 1Spot: featured in Phoenix New Times

Ziindi Indigenous Art Zine’s new home 1Spot Gallery is featured in the Phoenix New Times culture blog Jackalope Ranch!

We’re excited and proud to be part of  Roosevelt Row and the Downtown Phoenix Arts District.  Special thanks to Claire Lawton for this great coverage!  This month we’re featuring artwork by Damian Jim, including drawings, paintings, prints, and apparel.

— Check out the new 1Spot Gallery this Friday, December 21st – 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm —

918 North 6th Street, Unit B, Phoenix, AZ 85006





1Spot: Ziindi Gallery

1Spot: Ziindi Gallery

Ziindi Artist Jeff Slim @ Songbird Coffee House – PHX

Come see Ziindi Artist Jeff Slim’s new work!

Had a preview today – Beautiful bold colors and portraits, perfect size for gifts this season !


From Jeff:

“Erin and Jonathan of Song Bird Coffee & Tea House have graciously allowed me to show my paintings and stencils in their coffee house.

On December 21st, the Third Friday of this month will be a gathering of spectators amongst costumers to view the art that is decorating currently Song Bird. The new works will be on display throughout the month of December.

They are a series of spray paint & acrylic paintings on paper along with framed stencils. All my work is for sale.

Song Bird is located east of 2nd St. on Roosevelt in Phoenix. It’s within the MonOchrid building.

The event is set to take place within 3pm to 7pm. Hope to you see you there…”