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Averian Chee

The beginnings of Averian Chee didn’t immediately influence his passion for art, as drawings as a young boy were a way of passing the time and sharing with his mother. His way of life most recently began as he became a father to a young boy, his newest and most prized student. influences of his own childhood have been well examined as he now raises his son, Hanoltseh Chee.

Observations of revisited imaginations and classic cartoons have become renowned relics in Averian’s life and have now encouraged him to explore his second quarter of his life. Readings of surrealist literature and lyrical weavings of Dylanesque tunes strike a chord nowadays for his honing talent as a painter, but it is his foundation as a Navajo that holds the greatest resonance.

Being born Dine has been the most important precursor to his identity as a young man. Averian introduces himself as being a part of the Towering House People and takes pride in the morals taught him by the elders that surrounded his upbringing. Mentors have also changed his perception of becoming unique in an always challenging artistic environment. He accredits his knowledge of painting and finding style with story, to them. It is with these broad occurrences that Averian has channeled his interpretations through painting. His dry brush strokes of layered color and impressionistic movement has evolved his work recently to become his own.
Now as Averian delves into grasping this newly found style, he hopes to achieve in creating paintings of a nostalgic yet transitioning nature using Reservation life as his subject. Remembrance, is what he strives to capture.

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