#NATIVEAMERICA – Jaque Fragua @ 1Spot Gallery – This Friday!

What’s next for Ziindi?

Now that Ziindi has found a new home on Roosevelt Row at our 1Spot Gallery,
we continue to feature the best contemporary indigenous art of the Southwest.


Join us next Friday as we kick off Art Detour (the 25th Anniversary of this free, city-wide tour of art exhibits, activities, and events) with a bang.

1Spot Gallery proudly presents:



by Jaque Fragua   –   http://fragua.co/

“The body of work consists of paintings that revolve in the realm of Native American art itself and the aesthetics it has acquired based on economic values and the lack of true cultural substance.

The imagery is derived from billboard advertisements, southwestern textiles, reservation folk art, corporate logos, traditional pueblo designs, and my overall savage spray-paint style.

Through my travels across the US and beyond, I have witnessed the vision Native Americans have grown into and continue to perpetuate. This is a vision based on the ol’ American Dream. We have succumbed to live up to a genre not defined by our own selves. This is not indigenous, nor is a life of brash consumption conducive to the reality of our natural environment. I plan to investigate and dissect our Western cultural adaptations in order to find new ways to adapt to the true reality, through these paintings.”


Featuring music by DJ Musa Mind and refreshments by Sana Pueblo Food Creations.


** Copies of our new publication: Ziindi: Vol 1.2 – Contemporary Native Female Arts Showcase will be available ! **
Opening Reception:
First Friday, March 1st
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Art Detour hours:
Sat. March 2nd  & Sun. March 3rd
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
1Spot Gallery
918 North 9th Street, Rear
Phoenix, AZ 85006
About the Artist:
Jaque Fragua is an acclaimed multi-media artist from New Mexico. From his cultural background, he has developed a yearning for creativity and for the intrinsic process that is Art. Experimenting with various mediums, such as aerosol, found-objects, earthworks, poetry, & music, messages of civil unrest, social justice, emotional introspection, and personal healing have heartened his unique perspective on life through art.Fragua has studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts, and in turn, has taught many community-based workshops, such as mural projects/public-art studies, and studio classes for figure drawing & painting.  Fragua has worked with fine establishments such as Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, & Museum of Indian Arts & Culture to produce progressive/innovative exhibits concerning the plight of Native America.

Thank you for your presence as we continue to break ground in Phoenix showcasing the best in contemporary indigenous art.



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